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Enjoy responsibly raised meat from Clarabelle Cattle Company. We are so much more than a Cattle Company - we provide the substance for friends and families to gather and partake in quality wholesome meals. We are ready to serve you.



Our children, Jasper and Clarabelle  carry on the traditions of South Texas ranching started in 1864. Seven generations and 157 years of stewardship and legacy, culminate as Clarabelle Cattle Company.


Responsibly Raised Meat

We raise only the highest quality animals. You can purchase an interest in the animal (quarter, half or a whole) we will then care for and custom feed that animal until it is ready for slaughter. You can use our trusted partners for slaughter (included in price), or we will ship to your place of preference.


Grass-fed Grass-finished

Grass-fed Grain-finished 


Side of Beef

$6.95/lb Hanging Weight (HCW)

Every calf raised at Clarabelle Cattle Company is grown with love, so our food looks better, smells better, and tastes better. Try it and taste the difference for yourself.

Image by Maxime Agnelli

Cabrito on the hoof


Goats have recently enjoyed wild popularity in the United States. In fact they are the most highly consumed meat world wide (for good reason)! Give it a try today!


Y'all Stop in Sometime!

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